January 12, 2022

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Under Fire for COVID-19 Misinformation


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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor received criticism after falsely claiming that there are 100,000 children in the U.S. hospitalized with COVID-19 “in serious condition.”

Sotomayor, appointed by former President Barack Obama, also claimed that omicron is “just as deadly” as the delta variant for the unvaccinated.

“Omicron is as deadly as delta and causes as much serious disease in the unvaccinated as delta did,” the justice said during a hearing on President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. “The numbers—look at the hospitalization rates going up. We have more infected people today than we did a year ago in January. We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, and many on ventilators.”

According to HHS data, as of January 8, there are roughly 5,000 children hospitalized, either with suspected covid or a confirmed laboratory test. This figure includes patients in observation beds. “So Sotomayor’s number is at least 20 times higher than reality, even before you determine how many are in ‘serious condition,'” The Washington Post reported.

According to CDC data, there have been less than 100,000 — 82,843 to be exact — hospital admissions of children with confirmed covid since August 1, 2020.

There is data to support that the rate of pediatric admissions is rising, with a caveat. Earlier this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported a sharp increase in pediatric cases — but some children are hospitalized for another reason (i.e., a broken arm) and then test positive for covid through screenings at the hospital.

People quickly took notice of Sotomayor’s false information, with some saying it was “terrifying” to realize a Supreme Court justice could be so misinformed.

“It’s actually terrifying that a Supreme Court justice can be so misinformed. The emperor has no clothes,” Christina Pushaw tweeted.

More inaccurate info from the bench

Meanwhile, Clinton appointed Justice Stephen Breyer false claimed there were 750 million new cases of covid in the U.S. on Thursday.

“750 million new cases yesterday, or close to that, is a lot. I don’t mean to be facetious,” Breyer said.

The actual number was closer to 750,000. On Thursday, the U.S. recorded 786,824 new cases, according to the Daily Mail.


Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor under fire for overstating that 100,000 children are currently hospitalized with COVID and ‘many are on ventilators’ while Stephen Breyer says there have been 750 MILLION cases

12 comments on Liberal Supreme Court Justice Under Fire for COVID-19 Misinformation

  1. Bricky says:

    This mis information will continue right up to the election so that the rules for elections are bastardized again to allow for massive fraud.
    If youre scared stay home. Let the people who want to live a normal life live it. Stop letting the fear mongerers manipulate you for political reasons.

    1. Dan says:

      I think you have that backwards, saying there are over 100,000 kids in serious condition in hospitals when there are less than 3500 is fear mongering. what should scare you is a group that will pass a bill then turn around and edit out the original bill, replace it with “voters rights” and hope no one notices. This political slight of hand does neither side any favors. You need ID to do just about everything these days if you are OK with Vaccine mandates then having a voter show an ID should not be an issue. If any Justice can be so misinformed as to mistake thousands for millions they need to do a better job of researching.

  2. Delraybob says:

    Our Supreme Court judges are expected to be none political, if in voice only, and Sotomayor and Brennan have proven to be politcal hacks. Shame on them.

  3. Jim says:

    Sadly, she does not seem to understand that it does not matter if we have zero or ten million children on ventilators. Her job is to determine whether or not vaccine mandates are legal or not. Just that, nothing more. This is something liberal Supreme Court Justices seem to have forgotten – only the law matters, not how many do not have healthcare, how many rounds of ammunition in a magazine, or any other pet political topics they care deeply about.

    1. Mandy Martin says:

      Sotomayor is simply a typical Dimocrat—whatever will push their cause, truth be damned.

    2. That “wise” Latina believes she should judge based on what she thinks should be or should happen, not on what the law actually says. She thinks it’s up to the courts to “interpret” the law, rather than take it as written. She thinks she can make the law anything she wants it to be. She does not really believe that the legislature is the only body that can make the law.

      Far too many people do not understand that the law is what is actually written in the law, not what they think it should be. People do the same with the Bible. They think it says anything they want it to say. So we have denominations, and non-Christians telling Christians how to be Christian.

      Every man is right in his own eyes.

  4. Vince says:

    If she or anyother justice cannot separate their cause and the law, they should be a way to impeach them.

  5. JS says:

    And these are chosen to uphold the law’s of the land! Pitiful, but typical of those who appointed them to office.

  6. JJP says:

    Sotomayor is a Democrat, of which there are three kinds: legacy, stupid and evil. Legacy Democrats were born that way and just haven’t switched yet. Stupid Democrats are college students everywhere. Evil Democrats are trying to take away your world … that’s Sotomayor. May they all burn in the Hot Place.

  7. TheEngineer says:

    We the people need to fix this problem. We need to vote for people who are honest and not just in it for the money. We need to make laws through our congress that remove a lot of the money incentive from government service. We need to get rid of extremely high paying jobs like the one Fauchi has.

  8. CharlieSeattle says:

    What could go wrong when a unqualified diversity President nominates a unqualified diversity SCOTUS Justice?

  9. Joseph Lovello says:

    Riiiight. And Trump NEVER exaggerated figures. Nor has any member of the republican party. In fact, wasn’t it Trump who led the campaign policy motto; “Truth through alternative facts?”

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