December 14, 2021

Veteran Fox News Anchor Abruptly Defects to CNN

Veteran Fox News anchor Chris Wallace announced he’s leaving the network after 18 years, effective immediately.

At the end of Fox News Sunday, Wallace said it would be his final episode.

“Eighteen years ago, the bosses here at Fox promised me they would never interfere with a guest I booked or a question I asked, and they kept that promise,” the broadcaster said. Without offering specifics, he said his next venture would allow him to “go beyond politics to all the things I’m interested in.”

Within hours of his announcement, CNN declared he would anchor a weekly interview show on its new subscription service, CNN+.

“After decades in broadcast and cable news, I am excited to explore the world of streaming,” Wallace said in a statement. “I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords in interviewing major figures across the news landscape — and finding new ways to tell stories.”

Fox News Media released a statement, saying it was “extremely proud of our journalism and the stellar team that Chris Wallace was a part of.”

Wallace, 74, is Fox News’s latest high-profile departure. Longtime commentators Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg resigned in November over what they called a pattern of incendiary and fabricated claims by the network’s hosts in support of former President Donald Trump. Both men cited Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 docuseries as their breaking point.

According to NPR, Fox News pushed to keep Wallace as his contract’s expiration loomed. Sources said his departure was a shock to D.C. journalists.


Chris Wallace announces abrupt departure from Fox News to join CNN streaming service

42 comments on Veteran Fox News Anchor Abruptly Defects to CNN

  1. SamIam says:

    I would imagine a few ways this is going to work & perhaps the TRUTH of what is happening. Perhaps he truly believes that he is going to be able to not talk about politics and will be shocked to be expected to receive & interview people who CNN knows have the ability to overwhelm & talk over him to make him & the Right appear as stupid with no time for or way of a rebuttal. Or perhaps he just said that to make himself look innocent & abused by fox. I think he & we will all see the Truth played out live on CNN immediately. Also, no doubt they feel that he will be a “Cash Cow” of inside information to pay him the big bucks to even bend things just enough to run with every new bit of Fake & Biased News they can pry out of him. Or again, perhaps he is too naive and doesn’t even know they are doing it to him as they soap him up with fake praise when they welcome him into their dark, dank web of low lit rooms in the back. Regardless all I feel in and about all of this is it’s eerily evil & dark. Then when they have used him enough that big bucks if they don’t feel he has any more worth or not enough, they will put him out to pasture as a loser in the eyes of those who already knew it was a bad idea before he chose it.

    1. Edward Reese says:

      Good riddance to bad cess. CNN is where he belongs based on his crap performance at the presidential debate.

      1. Alice says:

        EXACTLY my opinion!!! He was always a snake in the grass 🤬

    2. ftg says:

      He was always anti-Trump and boasted himself as a know all more than others. Half his lip service was for praise rather than straight up truth and accuracy, he sold out. Tucker is right on the $ with his stories and sources and I guess the defectors cant stand truth over agenda, ratings and hey look at me.
      I wish wallace all of nothing and may the dark side overlook him we have enough of CNN AKA=communist nationalists networks
      CNBC=Communist national Broadcasting commentary, CBS AKA= communists broadcasting scum, ABC=All Backing communists, Washington Post AKA=Washington compost, NPR AKA=nationalists propaganda Reporting, ESPN AKA= Established sports propaganda nitwits to name a few. BLM AKA= Bought Lives Membership, NAACP AKA= National association about crappy people, sorry I could go on but trying to figure out when civil unrest will pop its head up and I am guessing end of 2023 when all the treason DemonRat socialists anti-common sense Liarticians get caught cheating and more.

  2. Leanna says:

    His heart was always at CNN. He will have to take a quick course in lying to keep up, though.

    1. Mary Clegg says:

      No great lost. I am very happy he has left. It was time, either resign or get fired. Thank you CNN for taking him.

      1. soule says:

        Thats where his kind live. His debate management skills were utterly TERRIBLE

      2. Bye Falicia says:

        I NEVER watched him. I changed the channel when him and Sheppard Smith came on. BOTH were pathetic at what they did. They were ALWAYS in it for themselves…NOT the story!

    2. snert says:

      sorry to say, but waffle mouth is an expert liar!!!

    3. Robert Gifford says:

      I am not sorry to see him go. He didn’t fit in, as another person at fox also doesn’t fit in. He constantly ridiculed the republican candidates, and constantly found fault with Trump. When ever he came on I would make a trip to the Frig. or bathroom. Not sad to see him go.

  3. Jersey Prophet says:

    Good riddance! Nothing more need be said about this Trojan Horse. He is where he belongs – on the cable media’s Titanic.

    1. DisgustedByThis says:

      Great comment. I couldn’t have said it better. It’s better than using the worn out cliche “good riddance to bad rubbish!” Although a lot of Fox viewers probably still think that.

  4. Nick1 says:

    Does CNN actually think this will help their dismal ratings?

    1. snert says:

      it will surely help fox’s ratings!!!

  5. James Robbins says:


    1. Ben Dover says:


      1. Alaine deBreaux says:

        SCREW U

      2. Suza nne Fay says:

        CNN is where Chris Wallace belonged anyway. His bias is obvious especially being allowed to host debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. I’ll never get over that farce. I say good riddance.


    good to see him go! He never was a conservative

  7. Good Redding’s! Traitor, Backstabber, Disrespectful, Liar and one sided Major Asshole!! CNN is where you belong!!! Their ratings will go down more!!

  8. Robert rinaldi says:

    Areal piece of S–T GLAD TO see him go

  9. Patrick Cody says:

    He was a Snowflake anyway Bias was always on the Liberal side.

    Great I don’t have to change the channel

  10. Tex says:

    If after Wallace’s performance in the Biden-Trump 2020 Election Debates “Sources said his departure was a shock to D.C. journalists,” this confirms that there are no journalists but only left wing propagandists except for Peter Doocy and the handful for OANN, and Project Veritas reporters left in Camp Swampy/River City. Good riddance! Unfortunately FOX has very few conservatives like Doocy, Carlson , and Hannity left so that it’s basically unbearable to watch, and OANN is the replacement.

  11. Afflerbach says:

    Good riddance – to more “Fake News”!!

  12. bob says:

    Inbred , butte plug using , degenerate , asswipe Chris Wallce is nothing but a worthless political hack for the Socialist democrats !!! This Liberal jism eater should have never been on Fox to begin with , so now he can go be the Liberal Socialist that he is while he kneels in front of Queer Don LemonHEAD !!! Hopefully ,, Liberal d!ckhead Brett Bier and Liberal bonehead Neil Cavuto will follow him to FAKE cnn where they all belong !!!

  13. Alaine deBreaux says:


  14. Sic of Politics says:

    Wallace and cnn is a match made in hell. lies, lies, and more lies. They will be like two peas in a pod. Both suck, both corrupt and both lie like hell. They truly deserve each other and now wallace will be backed by the most corrupt FAKE NEWS in the business. Matches his personality to a t! GOOD RIDDANCE communist left-leaning POS! You ar4e finally and deservingly home!

  15. Alaine deBreaux says:

    He was working for CNN long time ago. Rotten scum.

    1. Alice says:

      Great point!!!

  16. Hat Bailey says:

    Good riddance! Go to work for others more like yourself supporting what hurts American and our traditional values. Can’t say I’m very optimistic about how you will fare with other liars and backstabbers who support the big lie.

  17. I only got one thing to say [ GOOD RIDANCE] Fox News just got an upgrade. GOD BLESS A FREE THINKING USA

    1. SJ MIKE says:

      Chris Coma would be a Fox upgrade. Every night he could run tape of his time at CNN , pausing, “right here, right there, we cut 15 seconds, and we took 10 seconds from before this clip started dubbed sound, and it came out perfect”. #1 show in the country, it would be awesome. Meanwhile, Wallace talks about his favorite deserts and vacation spots…. yawn.

  18. topkos says:

    Glad he is gone as he s nothing like his father. He belong at CNN.

  19. BILL HOWARD says:

    This is the best news I have gotten since Donald Trump was elected President.!! I have all but hated wallace for a long time and am extremely glad to see him gone!!!!!!

  20. john oates says:

    Good Ridance of old TRASH. He is an absolute waste.
    When He comes on I turn off.

  21. Looks like a very long time he been talking the Marxist hoop[la, he can now fail on the wayside with them whenthe Repbulic slides into place….

  22. Ed Paucek says:

    Interesting Development. Mr. Wallace has much to offer CNN. I respect him because he has been in the game a long time. Much he has seen in the change in journalism. Looking at the positive, he may be the Trojan Horse of common sense and give CNN a reality check. CNN desperately need a fundamental change from what they are doing to survive and move back to becoming a true journalistic media. Perhaps Mr. Wallace can provide that.

    Chris Wallace doesn’t need the money. I respect him and I see this as a positive move.

  23. Maggietish says:

    Good riddance! Chris Wallace destroyed his own career when he was the 2020 presidential election debate moderator. He was in total attack mode against President Trump. He rarely let Trump finish a sentence when Iasked a question without him jumping in with all kinds of Ludacris accusations, etc. against Trump and his wanting to make America great again and improve the lives of the American people. Clearly Chris Wallace is against that happening. At the same time every time a question was asked of Joe Biden in which Biden couldn’t or wouldn’t answer Wallace answered for him and defended him constantly. Chris Wallace’s bias against President Trump was more than evident and if he had any credibility at all he literally destroyed it. He belongs on a news network as fake and dishonest and corrupt as CNN. He’s clearly a socialist/communist puppet as they all are. for the Socialist/communist Democrats.. CNN is going down as their ratings prove and the operational corruption has been exposed. The sooner that happens the better it is for this nation and the American people.

  24. joe says:

    fuvk cris biden…….

  25. Ox says:

    Not surprising. Wallace is anti-Trump. this is a demotion for Wallace. Wallace now joins the ranks with the rest of the disinformation and propaganda ministers at CNN.

  26. Jerrym says:

    He is a disappointment to his father, now he won’t have to pretend to be a conservative ?

  27. Brent McIntire says:

    No loss, he can’t report facts, he just tilts it all with his own personal opinion. Good riddance. CNN isn’t worth watching anymore so that is a great place for a liberal to be.

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