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October 1, 2021

Al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike, officials say

A drone strike killed a senior al Qaeda leader in Syria, defense officials confirmed.

Salim Abu-Ahmad was the target of a “kinetic counterterrorism” airstrike in Syria on Sept. 20, US Central Command said.

“There are no indications of civilian casualties,” officials said.

“Initial indications are that we struck the individual we were aiming for, and there are no indications of civilian casualties as a result of the strike,” Navy Lt. Josie Lynne Lenny said.


Senior al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in Syria, US defense officials say

September 8, 2021

Graham says the US will ‘have to’ reinvade Afghanistan

Less than a week after the US finalized its troop withdrawal, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the BBC that America “will be going back to Afghanistan” to deal with terrorist threats.

Graham said the Taliban is “going to give safe haven to al Qaeda, who has ambitions to drive us out of the Mideast writ large and attack us because of our way of life. We will be going back into Afghanistan as we went back into Iraq and Syria.”

“We’ll have to,” Graham said. “We’ll have to because the threat will be so large. It will be a cauldron for radical Islamic behavior.” 

Recent polls indicate a lack of public support for sending troops back to Afghanistan.

A Pew Research Center survey showed 54 percent of Americans supported the decision to withdraw. The same study found that 69 percent thought the US failed to achieve its goals in the war-torn nation.


Graham says US ‘will be going back’ to Afghanistan

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