September 16, 2021

What Newsom’s recall victory means for California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) decidedly beat a Republican-led recall effort to remove him from office less than three years into his first term. Newsom claimed victory with about 65% of the vote.

The GOP led the charge to remove Newsom because of his COVID-19 policies, including school closures, business restrictions, and mask and vaccine mandates.

The governor faced over 40 opponents in the historic recall election, but his most prominent challenger was rightwing radio host Larry Elder, who Newsom described as “more extreme than Trump.”

“I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea, and when I become governor, assuming there are still mandates for vaccines and mandates for face masks, they will be repealed before I have my first cup of tea,” Elder said at a rally last month.

However, despite frustrations toward Newsom’s COVID-19 measures, California voters indicated they don’t want a dramatic change in their status quo.

“Larry Elder handed [Democrats] so many gifts on a platter. He is literally the antithesis of most California voters,” said Dana Williamson, adviser to former Gov. Jerry Brown.

Newsom’s victory effectively preserves his political career and secures his ability to vie for reelection in 2022. If successful, some believe it could lead to a presidential bid.

“Now he wins this, he wins again in 2022, and now we’re all on to 2024 and beyond, and he becomes a viable presidential candidate,” said Jack Citrin, a political science professor at UC Berkeley. “Every crisis is also an opportunity.”

Newsom’s victory comes as the Golden State faces significant challenges, including homelessness, a housing shortage, and devastating wildfires.

Meanwhile, Democrats already started to push for changes to the state’s recall process to make mounting the challenge more difficult in the future.

“I think the recall process has been weaponized,” Newsom said Wednesday.

The expensive election could cost California up to $300 million.


What does Gavin Newsom’s recall victory mean for California?

Photo by Gage Skidmore; licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

By Taylor
September 16, 2021

The majority of Americans feel democracy is under attack: poll

A new poll by SSRS and CNN shows that most Americans believe that democracy is under attack.

93% of Americans say that democracy is either under attack (56%) or tested (37%). Just 6% say democracy isn’t in danger.

The belief skews Republican, with 75% saying democracy is under attack, compared to 46% Democrats.

The survey shows that the GOP is split on former President Donald Trump. 79% say that Trump should be the party’s leader, whereas 51% disagree.

Both parties disagree on voting rules in US elections. 83% of Republicans say that the rules aren’t strict enough. 66% of Democrats say that it’s too hard to vote.


CNN Poll: Most Americans feel democracy is under attack in the US

By Taylor
September 11, 2021

Democrats lobby for 8 million green cards

Democrats made their case to the Senate parliamentarian on Friday for their plan to provide permanent legal status to 8 million immigrants, including Dreamers, temporary protected status holders, and essential workers.

After President Biden’s immigration reform plan stalled, Democrats aim to go it alone by including their more modest plan in a $3.5 trillion bill they hope to pass soon.

They’ll first need to convince the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough. Though she’s a little-known nonpartisan figure, MacDonough has thrown out key priorities for both parties in budget reconciliation measures in recent years.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently acknowledged during a virtual town hall that there are questions about what “will survive the parliamentarian in the Senate.”

“We are limited in what the parliamentarian in the Senate will allow,” she said. “and that is most unfortunate.”


Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards

By Taylor
September 10, 2021

Democrats malign Amazon for promoting COVID misinformation

Congressional Democrats are going after Amazon for its algorithms promoting hoax COVID-19 cures, anti-vaccination claims, and other misinformation.

“Amazon is directly profiting from the sensationalism of anti-vaccine misinformation, while these conspiracy theories continue to directly contribute to COVID-19 deaths,” Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) wrote in a letter to CEO Andy Jassy.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) said the company is “either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.”

Warren said her staff conducted searches on Amazon for “COVID-19” and “vaccine.” The top result was a book authored by a physician who promotes long-debunked claims about vaccines.

“Collectively, this is an astonishing sample of misinformation that appeared in only a few potential searches relating to COVID-19,” Warren wrote.


Democrats Slam Amazon For Promoting False COVID Cures And Anti-Vaccine Claims

By Taylor
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