May 7, 2021

China looks to build naval base in the Atlantic

Happy Friday, America!

A high-ranking US general revealed that China is looking to develop a major naval base in the Atlantic. Beijing is establishing a new military facility in the African side of the ocean. I’m not sure how the US would respond to this kind of news.

With former President Donald Trump’s continuous suspension of his Facebook account, some GOPs expressed their fury publicly, while some of them were privately worrisome. Allies of the former leader were wary about his capability to raise funds, as his social media presence is still non-existent. Good luck to the party, though.

The US is facing a scarcity of chicken supplies, as fast food chains like KFC, Wingstop Inc. and Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. are running out of wings and chicken sandwiches. The price of poultry has also increased more than twice of its usual value. 

New study showed that bald men are more likely to suffer from severe COVID-19 illness. Men who are 50 and above, with a condition called androgenetic alopecia, are at risk when they contract the virus. For the elderly out there, keep safe and observe health protocols.

Following Bitcoin’s and Dogecoin’s spectacular soaring, cryptocurrency traders are now looking to invest for the next “big thing.” People are now waiting to put their money on another potential skyrocketing financial breakthrough on other small-time digital assets. I wanna join, too!

If you’re both wealthy and a rock music fan, you now have the chance to buy Kurt Cobain’s hair in an auction. Six locks of Nirvana’s frontman would be made available for tonight. May the best (and wealthiest) participant win!

Stay strong, stay safe

Fraser Dixon


April 20, 2021

Rest in peace, former VP Walter Mondale

What’s up, America?

Former US Vice President Walter Mondale passed away at 93. Mondale and former President Jimmy Carter were the longest-living presidential tandem in the country’s history. Rest in peace, Mr. Vice President.

The city of Minneapolis is preparing for a potential unrest as Derek Chauvin’s trial is about to end. People, we can still fight for justice while remaining calm. Let’s not add fuel to the fire.

Former President Donald Trump wanted the public to quit drinking Coke. Ironically, though, his hotel and other properties continue to serve his favorite beverage to customers. Make the first move, please.

NASA has successfully navigated its first controlled aircraft in history outside the Earth, through “Ingenuity.” The mini helicopter was able to take off, hover, spin, and land on Mars! Another milestone for the world!

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin has climbed to $50 billion in stock market value. Despite being a meme coin on social media, it is now parity with blue-chip stocks. What the heck is going on?

You know what, the effect of the pandemic to Kate Winslet was to make her obsessed with cleaning her house. She became a complete neat-freak! Kate, can you also clean my house?

Take care,

Fraser Dixon


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