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October 1, 2021

Russiagate prosecutor subpoenas law firm tied to 2016 Clinton campaign

Special Counsel John Durham issued a fresh round of grand jury subpoenas as part of his probe into alleged misconduct during the Trump-Russia investigation, including one targeting a law firm with ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The new subpoenas come after Durham charged Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to the FBI. His firm, Perkins Coie, was the subject of the new orders. Perkins Coie worked for Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign, and former partner Mark Elias retained political intelligence firm Fusion GPS, which went on to help fund the infamous ‘Steele dossier.’

The new orders could lead to a legal battle over privileged information and more insight into the Clinton campaign. Additionally, Durham’s continued use of a federal grand jury could mean he’s interested in bringing more charges to Sussmann or against additional defendants.

Sussmann pleaded not guilty to the charge.


Durham Issues New Subpoenas in Probe of FBI Russia Investigation, Targets Clinton Campaign Law Firm

September 17, 2021

Clinton campaign lawyer pleads not guilty to charge in Trump-Russia probe

Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign law firm, pleaded not guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI, a charge from a special counsel investigating the origins of an FBI probe of potential links between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

Special counsel John Durham issued Sussmann an indictment Thursday for making false statements during a Sept. 2016 meeting with James Baker, then General Counsel of the FBI.

The indictment accused Sussmann of erroneously telling Baker he did not represent “any client” when he met him to provide evidence of alleged links between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank.

Sussmann is the second person prosecuted in Durham’s probe into officials who investigated Trump-Russia connections.


Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann pleads not guilty after allegedly lying to FBI

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