November 17, 2021

After two weeks, QAnon supporters linger in Dallas awaiting JFK Jr.’s return

Earlier this month, hundreds of supporters of the QAnon conspiracies arrived in Dallas, Texas, at the sight of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination. They gathered anticipating the return of the late John F. Kennedy Jr., who they believe faked his death with his wife and sister-in-law in a 1999 plane crash.

Two weeks later, hundreds of QAnon supporters are still milling about near the grassy knoll in Dallas, awaiting the arrival of a man who’s been dead for 22 years. The group believes that JFK Jr. faked his death to avoid being assassinated by an evil cabal of Satanic Democratic/Hollywood pedophiles.

According to Vice, supporters arrived at the Dealey Plaza on Nov. 1 at the behest of conspiracy theorist Michael Brian Protzman, better known as Negative48. Protzman has roughly 100,000 followers on the platform Telegram.

However, not everyone within the QAnon community agrees with Protzman’s predictions. One QAnon influencer, QAnon John, said that Protzman made their “entire movement look unbelievably dumb.”

Tom McKay of Gizmodo explained what happened when JFK Jr. failed to resurface on Nov. 1.

“When JFK Jr. failed to return from the grave for the Nov. 1 rally, Protzman led the crowd to a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas, where he claimed that various band members had been replaced by Michael Jackson, JFK Jr., and Prince in disguise, with one backup singer actually being the late R&B singer Aaliyah,” McKay wrote.

According to the outlet, some of Protzman’s Telegram followers are considering “founding a permanent compound in or near Dallas to await JFK Jr.’s return.”


Two Weeks Later, QAnon Supporters Are Still Awaiting JFK Jr.’s Return at the Grassy Knoll

November 4, 2021

Hundreds of QAnon supporters gather in Dallas, anticipating the return of JFK Jr.

Hundreds of QAnon supporters gathered in Dallas in expectation of the return of John F. Kennedy Jr., who they believe would help reinstate former President Donald Trump.

According to Newsweek, a post from a prominent QAnon account claimed that after Trump is reinstated as president, he will step down so Kennedy Jr. can be president. The post also claimed former national security advisor Michael Flynn would become JFK Jr.’s vice president, in turn making Trump the “King of Kings.”

“Frankly, I’m kind of shocked at how many people turned out for this,” Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab resident fellow Jared Holt told The Dallas Morning News. “This wasn’t a widespread belief, even among QAnon followers.”

The first wave of supporters arrived in downtown Dallas on Monday night as another wave gathered the following day near Dealey Plaza, the site of former President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

JFK Jr. died in 1999, along with his wife and sister-in-law in a plane crash.

The late figure has been popular in the QAnon conspiracy community for years. According to Forbes, in 2019, some believed he would return on July 4 as Trump’s vice president.

One QAnon supporter told the Morning News she believes that both JFK Jr. and his father are still alive and the former president will help kick off the Trump-JFK Jr. administration.

“We’ll figure that something happened in the plan that made it not safe to do it,” Micki Larson-Olson said. “If it doesn’t go down how I believe it will, that’s OK. We’ll figure it just wasn’t the right time.”


QAnon Supporters Gather in Downtown Dallas Expecting JFK Jr. to Reappear

October 26, 2021

‘An outrage against democracy’: JFK’s family calls on Biden to release assassination records

Two of John F. Kennedy’s nephews are calling on the Biden administration to release the last collection of classified documents on the former president’s 1963 assassination.

The White House announced late Friday night that it would delay the release of the records from Oct. 26 to Dec. 15 — or longer, if President Joe Biden decides that it’s in the nation’s best interest to keep them confidential.

“It’s an outrage. It’s an outrage against American democracy,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said. “We’re not supposed to have secret governments within the government. How the hell is it 58 years later, and what in the world could justify not releasing these documents?”

“I think for the good of the country, everything has to be put out there so there’s greater understanding of our history,” Patrick Kennedy said.

In 2017, when the documents were supposed to be released, former President Donald Trump delayed it for four years.

Experts were surprised by Biden’s decision to continue shielding the records because he served in the Senate when the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 passed unanimously in Congress.


‘An outrage against democracy’: JFK’s nephews urge Biden to reveal assassination records

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