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September 18, 2021

Pelosi likens Jan. 6 Capitol riot to 9/11

During a speech in London on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared the Jan. 6 US Capitol riot to 9/11, saying that one was an assault on democracy from within.

Pelosi said 9/11 was an “assault from the outside,” while the Capitol riot was an “assault from within.”

“Horrible in both cases. What had happened to our democracy on January 6 was horrible,” Pelosi said.

The House Speaker went on to say a “cult” is hijacking the Republican party.

“I would say to my Republican friends – and I do have some – take back your party, the Republican party. The Grand Old Party has made tremendous contributions to our country founded by Lincoln. Don’t let your party be hijacked by a cult – essentially, that is what is happening.”

“This is not conservative. This is radical right-wing, off the spectrum, anti-governance, and if you are anti-governance it is very difficult to govern.”


US Capitol attack like 9/11 but an assault from within, says Pelosi

September 13, 2021

More US Capitol riot defendants plead guilty

Seven defendants in the US Capitol riot pleaded guilty, including the man who threatened to shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Cleveland Meredith Jr., who drove across state lines with two guns and 2,500 rounds of ammunition, texted a relative that he was considering attending a Pelosi event and “putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV.”

He entered a guilty plea to sending threatening communications, which carries a maximum sentence of five years. Meredith will get credit for time served, as he’s been in jail since January.

So far, there have been 61 guilty pleas entered in connection to the riot.


Seven more US Capitol riot defendants plead guilty, including armed man who threatened to shoot Pelosi

September 11, 2021

Democrats lobby for 8 million green cards

Democrats made their case to the Senate parliamentarian on Friday for their plan to provide permanent legal status to 8 million immigrants, including Dreamers, temporary protected status holders, and essential workers.

After President Biden’s immigration reform plan stalled, Democrats aim to go it alone by including their more modest plan in a $3.5 trillion bill they hope to pass soon.

They’ll first need to convince the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough. Though she’s a little-known nonpartisan figure, MacDonough has thrown out key priorities for both parties in budget reconciliation measures in recent years.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently acknowledged during a virtual town hall that there are questions about what “will survive the parliamentarian in the Senate.”

“We are limited in what the parliamentarian in the Senate will allow,” she said. “and that is most unfortunate.”


Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards

September 9, 2021

Conflicting info on $3.5T infrastructure bill from Pelosi, White House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki both provided comments on the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package on Wednesday, but their information seems to conflict.

When asked about negotiations over the measure’s budget size, Psaki said it “is going to be paid for.”

“This is going to be paid for. That is something the president is committed to, something Senator Manchin has called for as well. The real choice right now is whether you’re going to lower costs for people in this country on elder care, child care, cost of college or whether you’re going to allow the wealthiest Americans and corporations to continue to pay the tax rates that are hardly fair moving forward,” Psaki said during a press briefing.

Earlier in the day, Pelosi said that amount was “maybe” half.

“We will pay for more than half maybe all of the legislation,” Pelosi said. “We will be taking some responsibility to pay for what is in there. So the cost for the future will be much lower than any 3.5.”


Psaki vs Pelosi: White House says $3.5B package ‘will be paid for,’ speaker suggests otherwise

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