September 2, 2021

Biden meets Ukraine leader, pledges to help amid ‘Russian aggression’

President Joe Biden hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for a long-saught after meeting in the Oval Office. It marked Biden’s first meeting with a foreign leader since ending the war in Afghanistan.

The subject of Afghanistan was not broached during their brief appearance before cameras, but Biden did mention his concerns with “Russian aggression.”

“The United States remains firmly committed to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression and for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” Biden said.

The meeting with Zelenskyy was postponed for two days while the Biden administration focused on finalizing the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The weight of the situation was not lost on Ukraine’s leader, who thanked Biden for making the time.

Ahead of the meeting, the White House said it was sending $60 million to Ukraine in military aid because of a “major increase in Russian military activity along its border.”


Biden meets Ukraine leader in long-sought Oval Office visit

By Taylor
April 9, 2021

US to back Ukraine against impending war with Russia

Happy Friday, guys!

The US would be giving Ukraine a military back-up in connection with the rising tensions against Russia. In a show of support, US Navy has sent warships into the Black Sea. I don’t want to witness World War III, please.

Wealthy individuals in New York would soon need to pay over 50 percent tax. This becomes the highest personal income tax that Americans would need to shoulder. Do they still like Biden?

As the La Soufrière volcano shows signs of a possible eruption, the Caribbean island of St. Vincent issued an evacuation order across nearby areas. Since November, the volcano has become active. Hoping that nobody gets hurt.

More than majority of adults claimed that the pandemic destroyed their sex lives. Because of the new normal, which include new stress and anxieties, people can’t seem to have a mood for sexy time. 

Listening to music can be addicting. Experts say that music is a good medicine, and can make us feel good. Personally, I think this is already a fact.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is about to come to an end after one and a half decades of being in the limelight. Love them or hate them, people will keep talking about them.

Stay healthy,

Fraser Dixon


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