January 14, 2022

US on Russia Talks: ‘The Drumbeat of War is Sounding Loud’

U.S. Ambassador Michael Carpenter said that the West should prepare for a possible escalation in tensions with Russia.

“The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill,” Carpenter told reporters after talks with Russia in Vienna.

According to a report from Reuters: “Russia said dialogue was continuing but was hitting a dead end as it tried to persuade the West to bar Ukraine from joining NATO and roll back decades of alliance expansion in Europe – demands that the United States has called ‘non-starters.'”

Russian Ambassador Alexander Lukashevich warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the two sides weren’t able to reach an agreement but said Moscow hadn’t given up on diplomacy.

“The jury’s out on which path Vladimir Putin is going to choose. Is he going to choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue to resolve some of these problems or is he going to pursue confrontation and aggression?” Secretary of State Antony Blinken told MSNBC.

“Russia is a peace-loving country. But we do not need peace at any cost,” Lukashevich told the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“As we prepare for an open dialogue on how to strengthen security for the benefit of all, we must decisively reject blackmail and never allow aggression and threats to be rewarded,” Carpenter told the OSCE.

Russia criticized a bill unveiled by Senate Democrats this week to impose sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and other top Kremlin officials if Russia attacks Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, said sanctioning Putin would be equivalent to severing relations.

“We view the appearance of such documents and statements extremely negatively against the background of an ongoing series of negotiations, albeit unsuccessful ones,” Peskov said.


Russia says Ukraine talks hit ‘dead end’, Poland warns of risk of war

January 6, 2022

BREAKING: Out-of-Control Russian Rocket Part Crashes to Earth

An out-of-control piece of a Russian rocket re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, crashing back to earth over the Pacific Ocean.

“Persei reentry confirmed: 2108 UTC over 121W 14S in the South [Pacific],” tweeted astronomer and satellite tracker Jonathan McDowell.

The Angara-A5 heavy-lift rocket launched from Russia’s Plesetsk spaceport on December 27. Most space debris burns up upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere, but larger parts can cause damage if they landed in inhabited regions.

According to US Space Command, the rocket reentered the Earth’s atmosphere at 2:08 pm MST over the Southern Pacific Ocean.

This isn’t the first time that space debris caused a concern. In May 2021, NASA criticized China for failing to “meet responsible standards” after part of an out-of-control rocket used to launch the country’s space station crashed into the Indian Ocean.

According to Holger Krag, the head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, the Russian debris is thought to be smaller than China’s. The Russian rocket part weighs roughly 4 tons without fuel, compares to 20 tons for the Chinese Long March 5B rocket, Kraig said.


Big hunk of failed Russian rocket crashes to Earth as space junk

December 25, 2021

Putin Blames US for Tensions, Demands Security Assurances

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the U.S. and its allies over “tensions that are building up in Europe” and demanded guarantees that NATO will not expand eastwards.

Putin’s comments came as part of a speech at a meeting with Russia’s top military officials days after Moscow submitted documents demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries.

The demands come amid rising tensions over a buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine that has sparked fears of a possible invasion.

According to the Associated Press, “Russia has denied it has plans to attack its neighbor but pressed for legal guarantees that would rule out NATO expansion and weapons deployment there.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the U.S. is working with its European allies to address “Russian aggression” diplomatically, but President Joe Biden opposes the guarantees that Putin seeks.

“The president has been extremely clear for many, many years about some basic principles that no one is moving back on: the principle that one country does not have the right to change by force the borders of another, that one country does not have the right to dictate the policies of another or to tell that that country with whom they may associate,” Blinken said.

“One country does not have the right to exert a sphere of influence. That notion should be relegated to the dustbin of history.”

Putin said that NATO’s expanded eastward for decades while saying that Russia had no reason to worry.

“What is happening now, tensions that are building up in Europe, is [U.S. and NATO’s] fault every step of the way,” Putin said.

“Russia has been forced to respond at every step. The situation kept worsening and worsening, deteriorating and deteriorating. And here we are today, in a situation when we’re forced to resolve it somehow.”


Putin blames West for tensions, demands security guarantees

Photo by G20 Argentina is licensed under CC BY 2.0

November 18, 2021

U.S. officials rattled after Russian missile test hits satellite

U.S. officials and lawmakers are sounding the alarm over fears that Russia seeks to militarize space after a missile test struck an inactive satellite.

“Yesterday’s anti-satellite test by the Russian military makes it clear that Moscow is willing to threaten the peaceful use of outer space, further militarize this domain, and disregard any consequences for all nations,” said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA).

The satellite explosion created hundreds of thousands of small pieces of debris, which officials say could threaten astronauts or other satellites. The timing was concerning as well, amid an aggressive military buildup near the Russia-Ukraine border.

“The American people deserve a responsible assessment and response to this event, and we must hold Russia accountable with the support of our allies and partners,” Smith said.

On Tuesday, Russia confirmed it was behind the test but dismissed America’s concerns, sparking calls from lawmakers imploring the Biden administration to take action.

Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) demanded that the Biden administration “make it clear to Putin, in no uncertain terms, that this is unacceptable.”


Outcry grows over Russian missile test that hit satellite

September 2, 2021

Biden meets Ukraine leader, pledges to help amid ‘Russian aggression’

President Joe Biden hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for a long-saught after meeting in the Oval Office. It marked Biden’s first meeting with a foreign leader since ending the war in Afghanistan.

The subject of Afghanistan was not broached during their brief appearance before cameras, but Biden did mention his concerns with “Russian aggression.”

“The United States remains firmly committed to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression and for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” Biden said.

The meeting with Zelenskyy was postponed for two days while the Biden administration focused on finalizing the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The weight of the situation was not lost on Ukraine’s leader, who thanked Biden for making the time.

Ahead of the meeting, the White House said it was sending $60 million to Ukraine in military aid because of a “major increase in Russian military activity along its border.”


Biden meets Ukraine leader in long-sought Oval Office visit

April 9, 2021

US to back Ukraine against impending war with Russia

Happy Friday, guys!

The US would be giving Ukraine a military back-up in connection with the rising tensions against Russia. In a show of support, US Navy has sent warships into the Black Sea. I don’t want to witness World War III, please.

Wealthy individuals in New York would soon need to pay over 50 percent tax. This becomes the highest personal income tax that Americans would need to shoulder. Do they still like Biden?

As the La Soufrière volcano shows signs of a possible eruption, the Caribbean island of St. Vincent issued an evacuation order across nearby areas. Since November, the volcano has become active. Hoping that nobody gets hurt.

More than majority of adults claimed that the pandemic destroyed their sex lives. Because of the new normal, which include new stress and anxieties, people can’t seem to have a mood for sexy time. 

Listening to music can be addicting. Experts say that music is a good medicine, and can make us feel good. Personally, I think this is already a fact.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is about to come to an end after one and a half decades of being in the limelight. Love them or hate them, people will keep talking about them.

Stay healthy,

Fraser Dixon


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