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January 17, 2022

10-Year-Old Girl Able to Retire at 15 as a Multimillionaire

Pixie Curtis, a 10-year-old Australian business owner, is well on her way to a lucrative retirement.

According to Pixie’s mother, public relations mogul Roxy Jacenko, who helps Pixie run her businesses, Pixie “can retire at 15 if she wants to.”

“Our family joke has been I’ll be working till I’m 100 and Pixie will have retired at 15 – I certainly know who’s smarter,” Jacenko told an Australian outlet.

In 2014, when Pixie was just 2 years old, she and Jacenko launched Pixie’s Bows, a wildly successful line of hair accessories for children. Australian retail giant Myer agreed to stock Pixie’s Bows in 2018.

Last March, the pair launched a second business, Pixie’s Fidgets, which made more than $145,000 during its first month. The two companies have since merged into Pixie’s Pix.

“I have said it from day one, the moment Pixie doesn’t want to be front-facing or be involved with Pixie’s Pix and Pixie’s Bows then we will reassess. But for now, she is happy, learning so much,” Jacenko said.

“Really all a parent can ever want is happiness and good health for their children, and I am no different,” she added.


Inside the life of mini business mogul Pixie Curtis

January 1, 2022

Self-Proclaimed ‘Plague Spreader’ Dies

An Italian man who caused an uproar after dubbing himself a “plague spreader” has died from COVID-19.

Maurizio Buratti, 61, was a regular commentator on Radio 24’s popular show Zanzara. He told listeners he was very sick with a high fever but purposefully walked around a crowded grocery store without wearing a mask.

Enrico Polati, director of the ICU at Hospital de Borgo Trento, told a local outlet Buratti arrived in “desperate conditions.”

“We did everything and a little more, but the disease was inexorable,” Polati said.

Buratti was opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine and other pandemic-related restrictions. He refused to get tested for the virus because of a conspiracy theory that the test swabs cause COVID-19 infections.

According to The Daily Beast, Buratti only went to the hospital at the insistence of fans and Zanzara host Giuseppe Cruciani.

Buratti was a COVID-19 denialist, but he did appear to acknowledge the existence of the virus in a recorded update that aired on the radio show. “I was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, it seems to be COVID,” he said.

“You were, you are, Mauro from Mantua. We made fun of you, you insulted us, we talked about it all the way to the threshold of a court, but we had fun like never in life. And today I got a blow to the heart,” Cruciani wrote in an Instagram tribute.


Self-Proclaimed ‘Plague Spreader’ Dies of COVID After Boasting About Maskless Grocery Store Stunt

December 28, 2021

Bouncy Castle Freak Accident Leave Four Children Dead

In Australia, five children were killed and five other injured after strong winds blew a bouncy castle into the air outside a school.

The tragedy occurred during a celebration of the last week of classes at Hillcrest primary school in Tasmania before Christmas break, police said.

The children inside the bouncy castle fell from a height of roughly 33 feet. The forecast called for “light winds.”

All of the victims were in sixth grade.

“On a day when these children were meant to be celebrating their last day of primary school, instead we’re all mourning their loss,” Tasmanian police commissioner Darren Hine said.

“Our hearts are breaking for the families and the loves ones, school mates, teachers of these young people who were taken too soon,” Hine said. “Our thoughts are also with those emergency service personnel who attend to try and save these people’s lives.”


Five victims of jumping castle tragedy at Tasmanian primary school identified

December 25, 2021

Christian Leaders in Israel Claim ‘Radical Groups’ Are Trying to Drive Them Out

In Israel, Christian leaders say that “radical groups” are trying to push them out of the country.

“Despite two thousand years of faithful service, our presence is precarious, and our future is at risk,” writes Fr. Francesco Patton, the Catholic Church’s Custos of the Holy Land, in an opinion piece for The Telegraph.

According to Patton, the number of Christians in Israel decreased from 20% to 2%, with Christians facing threats from “radical local groups with extremist ideologies.”

Additionally, Patton writes that the groups have desecrated holy sites and committed crimes against local Christians.

“The frequency of these hate crimes leaves families and communities who have lived here for generations feeling unwelcome in their own homes,” Patton writes.

While Patton doesn’t name any specific group or organization, he states that the individuals are not affiliated with the Israeli government.

Patton’s opinion piece comes after the Patriarchs and Heads of Local Churches of Jerusalem penned a statement on the “current threat to the Christian presence in the Holy Land.”

“Throughout the Holy Land, Christians have become the target of frequent and sustained attacks by fringe radical groups,” the statement begins.

“Since 2012 there have been countless incidents of physical and verbal assaults against priests and other clergy, attacks on Christian churches, with holy sites regularly vandalized and desecrated, and ongoing intimidation of local Christians who simply seek to worship freely and go about their daily lives.”

The Israeli government denied the allegations, saying they “distort the reality of the Christian community in Israel.”

“Religious leaders have a critical role to play in education for tolerance and coexistence, and Church leaders should be expected to understand their responsibility and the consequences of what they have published, which could lead to violence and bring harm to innocent people,” the Israeli government said.


Christian leaders in Israel allege that ‘radical groups’ are attempting to drive them out

December 12, 2021

Catholic Diocese Apologizes After Bishop Tells Children Santa Isn’t Real

In Italy, a Catholic diocese apologized to incensed parents after its bishop told a group of children that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Rev. Alessandro Paolino, a communications director for the Sicilian diocese, said that Bishop Antonio Stagliano was trying to highlight the true meaning of Christmas during a recent religious festival.

Local news outlets quoted Stagliano saying that Santa doesn’t exist and that Coca-Cola created his red costume for publicity.

“First of all, on behalf of the bishop, I express my sorrow for this declaration which has created disappointment in the little ones, and want to specify that Monsignor Stagliano’s intentions were quite different,” Paolino wrote on the diocese’s Facebook page.

“We certainly must not demolish the imagination of children, but draw good examples from it that are positive for life,” he added.


Bah! Humbug! Italy bishop tells children Santa doesn’t exist

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